27th Annual National Conference

July 16–20, 2023
Portland Downtown Marriott
Portland, Oregon

Join us live and in person!

Everyone at Safe & Civil Schools is looking forward to hosting you in Portland, Oregon, for in-depth professional development for educators.

The event starts with an opening keynote presentation, and each four-day session is designed to deeply immerse you in your content area of choice. Preregistration is required.

How To Register 

Questions? Email or call 800/323-8819.

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Registration fee of $1,250 includes the course textbook and continental breakfast and lunch Monday through Thursday.

For everyone’s safety, we will be working closely with the Marriott Downtown Waterfront to institute social distancing and safety requirements. We may require masks even if there is not a mandate in order to protect the health and safety of everyone at the conference.


Absenteeism Prevention and Intervention

with Jessica Sprick

Leadership in Behavior Support

with Jacob Edwards

CHAMPS and Classroom-Based Behavioral Interventions

with Susan Isaacs and Jeremy Resnick

Explicit Instruction

with Anita Archer

Designing a Tier 2 and Tier 3 Behavior Support System

with Tricia Berg

Coaching CHAMPS

with Tricia Skyles

Graduate-level professional development

Graduate-level professional development credit is available through UMASS Global. Credit requires additional fee and follow-up assignment. Check with your school or district to determine whether these self-study credits are acceptable.

Portland, the City of Roses, awaits you!

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Monday Through Thursday: In-Depth Sessions

In-depth sessions begin Monday and continue through Thursday. Select one four-day session that will meet from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday. 

These four-day sessions will allow you to explore your chosen content area in depth (preregistration is required). Each session includes a copy of the course book.

A continental breakfast and lunch each day is included Monday through Thursday.  Click here for hotel reservations.

Conference Schedule
Sunday, July 16
6:30 pm PT

Keynote by Tricia Skyles
After the Keynote, network with colleagues (this opportunity will be contingent upon low national COVID19 infection rates).

Monday, July 17 – Thursday, July 20
8:30 am PT to 3:30 pm PT

In-Depth Sessions
Six session offerings

Absenteeism Prevention and Intervention

Leadership in Behavior Support

CHAMPS and Classroom-Based
Behavior Interventions

Explicit Instruction

Designing a Tier 2 and Tier 3
Behavior Support System

Coaching CHAMPS


Leadership in Behavior Support

with Jacob Edwards


Effective schools have effective leadership. The role of the principal is extremely complex, with tremendous rewards. Access to the best research- and evidence-based tools and strategies is key to every instructional leader’s success. This workshop focuses on topics related to the instructional leader’s role in:

  • Building and maintaining a positive and proactive school climate for students, staff, and the community
  • Effectively creating a shared leadership model that can support and unify staff around a schoolwide classroom management model
  • Collecting and analyzing behavior data for continuous improvement
  • Conducting powerful staff meetings and practicing effective decision making


Participants: This session is for principals, assistant principals, aspiring principals, district leadership, and other building leaders.

Included textbook: Leadership in Behavior Support

Absenteeism Prevention and Intervention: An MTSS Approach

with Jessica Sprick

Chronic absenteeism is one of the most concerning and underaddressed issues in schools today. This session provides participants with practical strategies to boost attendance across all tiers. Learn how to monitor attendance data and prioritize resources. Participants will leave this session with a plan for creating a culture of regular attendance with effective and engaging schoolwide and classroom procedures. Participants will also learn how to use function-based approaches to design effective Tier 2 and 3 intervention plans for individuals with resistant absenteeism concerns. This session prepares participants to understand common causes of absenteeism and implement a range of interventions that address these causes.

Participants: This session is appropriate for district and building leaders, attendance or climate/safety team members, student support/child study team members, counselors, social workers, behavior/academic interventionists, and teachers and paraprofessionals who are members of schoolwide or intervention planning teams.

Included textbooks: The School Leader’s Guide to Tackling Attendance Challenges and Absenteeism & Truancy: Interventions and Universal Procedures


CHAMPS and Classroom-Based Behavioral Interventions
with Susan Isaacs and Jeremy Resnick

Teachers who want to improve their classroom management will benefit from strategies to manage student behavior and improve stu­dent motivation. In this session, participants will learn how to use the third edition of CHAMPS to implement a proactive, positive, and instructional approach to classroom management. This session also helps teachers support the one or two students who chron­ically misbehave in spite of good classroom management. Learn to implement early-stage interventions (e.g., planned discussion, correction planning, increasing positive interactions, data collection and debrief­ing, goal setting, and building supportive relationships). If these are not effective, a function-based intervention is likely needed. This session will prepare teachers to analyze setting events and contributing factors such as lack of infor­mation or skill, need for attention, need for power or control, escape, and more. Intervention strategies are presented for each of these major functions.

Participants: Classroom teachers, teacher mentors, coaches, educational assistants, administrators

Included textbooks: CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management and Early-Stage Interventions.

Recommended but not included: Teacher’s Encyclopedia of Behavior Management

Coaching CHAMPS: Building a System of Support for All Teachers

with Tricia Skyles

If you’re an instructional coach or school leader tasked with supporting teachers in implementing and sustaining best classroom management practices, this session could be a game changer. Built around the concepts of an effective MTSS system for students, we now take this same MTSS framework and use it to guide how we support staff with coaching as a vital piece in all three tiers. We will look at how administrators and nonevaluative coaches alike work to build a universal system of support for all teachers, how to engage in more formal coaching cycles for teachers in need of more targeted support, and how to build an intentional plan of assistance for those on formal plans of improvement. We will also differentiate between coaching to close a deficit in practice and coaching for teachers looking to become exemplars. This session hinges on the belief that with enough support and the right resources, improvement is always possible. 

Participants: Coaches, teacher mentors,  administrators

Included materials: Coaching CHAMPS

Recommended but not included: CHAMPS (3rd ed.) or Discipline in the Secondary Classroom (4th ed.)


Explicit Instruction

with Dr. Anita Archer

This Training of Trainers session is designed for professional developers and teacher-leaders who recognize the incredible impact that systematic, direct, engaging, and success-oriented instruction can have on students, teachers, and schools—people who, in their interactions with administrators, staff, and students, exemplify the idea that how well students learn depends on how well they’re taught. This session will immerse practitioners in the theory and practice of designing and delivering instruction in a manner that is systematic, direct, engaging, and success oriented—in a word: explicit. Participants will then be prepared to provide this training, as well as follow-up coaching, to educators in their home districts. Among the critical content and skills discussed are:

  • Active engagement/opportunities to respond
  • Lesson structure and design for both skills and strategies
  • Effective instructional corrections
  • Professional development techniques


Participants: Teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, building and district instructional leaders

Included textbook: Explicit Instruction

Note: For the health and safety of staff and attendees, attendees will be required to wear masks at all times during this in-depth session.

Individual Interventions

Designing a Tier 2 and 3 Behavior Support System

with Dr. Tricia Berg

Many students will need targeted and/or intensive individualized interventions for more involved and persistent behavior problems. This session will focus on how to develop systematic schoolwide and districtwide plans for implementing Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports for behavior. When a student has not responded to universal proactive and positive behavior management, the student may benefit from one or more additional behavior interventions. This session will cover how to set up efficient team processes for identifying students, problem-solving, and creating and implementing effective intervention plans. This session will also provide information on implementing numerous evidence-based behavior interventions.

Participants: Student Support/Child Study Team members, administrators, social workers, counselors, behavior specialists and coaches, teachers and special-education personnel who are part of school/district planning teams for Tier 2/3 interventions

Included textbook: Interventions: Support for Individual Students With Behavior Problem