At Safe & Civil Schools,

We’ve refined decades of research on effective teaching methods into practical, easy-to-use principles and procedures. Our multitiered approach is designed to help school staff improve safety and civility schoolwide, in the classroom and with individual students.

Individual Positive Behavior Support

If you have students in your schools who are chronically disrespectful, physically assaultive, disruptive, or unresponsive and if teachers are spending too much time correcting the behavior of a very few very difficult students, then you are in need of our consistent, district-based behavior management plan with individual intervention support.

Classwide Positive Behavior Support

All teachers want their students to be orderly, responsive, engaged, and motivated and we have various behavior management systems that can achieve these goals. Our programs help classroom teachers design (or fine tune) a proactive and positive classroom management plan that will overtly teach students how to behave responsibly.

Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

Research shows that the most effective way to transform an unruly school climate into a civil and respectful one is to implement a schoolwide behavioral plan that stresses proactive and positive corrective responses toward misbehavior.

“Student misbehavior is something that occurs daily in schools but we believe that misbehavior is a puzzle to be solved with a multitiered approach rather than a threat to be eliminated.” – Randy Sprick

Consulting &

Safe & Civil Schools consulting is designed to help school staff improve safety and civility across all school settings. By so doing, school personnel lay a foundation to engage students and enhance learning.

Our professional development options are designed to give you the tools you need to prevent misbehaviors before they happen and to find solutions for misbehaviors when they do occur. Creating a safe, civil, and productive learning environment will create opportunities for your students to flourish.

Events, Workshops & Presentations

Join us every summer at our annual Safe & Civil Schools National Conference where we offer seminars on a variety of topics relating to helping create safer, more civil schools.
In addition, throughout you can find us at various conferences throughout the nation and our consultants are available to visit your schools for presentations.

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Along with our publishing partner Ancora Publishing we develop materials and resources dedicated to helping schools create safe and supportive foundational environments where all students can thrive. Every school can be a place of stability and hope for our students and our communities.

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