Our first responsibility is to do everything in our power to help adults create environments for children that are emotionally and physically safe and that foster independence, integrity, confidence, self-control, kindness, literacy, and responsibility in those children.

Our second responsibility is to our customers—the teachers, administrators, and other school staff who use our products and services. Those products and services must be of the highest quality, practical, user-friendly, and compatible with current research.

Our third responsibility is to the company and those who work with us—our associates. As a business, we must ensure that employees and consultants have opportunities for advancement and are always treated with dignity, professionalism, and respect.



Great teachers value education. They can see the difference it makes in the lives of their students. To keep their students motivated and learning, they do everything they can to ensure a quality educational environment. As part of the educational community, we share its vision. We strive to do everything we can to help all educators create and maintain a proactive and positive instructional climate—schoolwide, in the classroom, and with individual students.


We strive for excellence in all we do, from our professional development trainings and workshops to our evidence-based programs and materials; from our commitments to our clients and customers to the quality of our staff and associates. We continually seek to evaluate and improve our performance.


We are all—our company, our employees, our clients—working toward the same goal. We strive to create and maintain a safe, nurturing school climate where all children are respected and valued, and where all children can learn the skills and acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in, and contribute to, our society.

Ready to start?

As successful teachers and administrators in some of the country’s most challenging districts, our associates are uniquely qualified to tailor a program to fit your needs. Training ranges from a concentrated one-day inservice to multiyear projects. No two schools, no two classrooms are alike and each Safe & Civil Schools program respects and reflects that.

Call us at 1-800-323-8819 to find out how we can help you design a staff development plan tailored to fit your school or district.