Session Resources: CHAMPS

NOTE: This session starts at 11:30 am ET/8:30 am ET Tuesday through Friday.
Please update your calendars.

You should have received an email invitation from your presenter via Zoom with your unique link to join the session. If you can’t find that email, please check in your spam or junk folder (search for emails sent from If you still cannot find the email, contact us right away and we will resend it.

Also be aware that you should also have received a separate Zoom email with a unique link to join the Keynote and Panel Discussions. Make sure to use the right link for the right meeting!

This session will meet on Tuesday through Friday starting at:

11:30 am ET • 10:30 am CT • 9:30 am MT • 8:30 am PT • 7:30 am Alaska • 5:30 am Hawaii

We’ll meet for 2.5 hours, then take a 30-minute break before the start of the Panel Discussions: 

  • Tuesday: Schoolwide 
  • Wednesday: Classroom
  • Thursday: Tiers 2/3

Please submit questions for panelists to:


While we all need to turn off our cameras occasionally, I do hope that you remain on camera for most of the session.  I believe you’ll find that it creates a more interactive experience for all of us! Participants will also be periodically invited to unmute themselves to facilitate discussion in both large and small groups. 

Using Zoom

While Zoom can function on a variety of devices, access to a computer (or laptop) is recommended to fully participate in the activities. During the meeting, we will use various Zoom features for engagement and interacting.

Homework to complete before Friday’s session:

1. Read pages 6-9: Cultural Competence
2. Be prepared to share:
“I agree with…”
“I want to learn more about…”
“Something that needs to be added is…”

Homework to complete before Thursday’s session:

1. Download and/or print:

      CHAMPS Classroom Activity List (4.1)

      CHAMPS Classroom Activity Worksheet (4.2)

      CHAMPS Virtual Classroom Activity Worksheet

2. Choose at least one activity and develop CHAMPS expectations for a face-to-face OR virtual lesson/activity

3. Tomorrow, you’ll have a chance to share your expectations with others. 


Homework to complete before Wednesday’s session:

1. Read through Chapter 2 of your CHAMPS text. 
2. Using the content covered in this chapter, complete any applicable sections of the Classroom Management Plan (5.1).  This can be done in the context of your anticipated instruction model (virtual, social distancing, traditional).



Click here to view a recording of Monday’s keynote address by Randy Sprick.  Download the handout here.

Tuesday Panel Discussion

Access Password: 5f#NOA@m


Wednesday Panel Discussion

Access Password: 4x@9#F8Y


Thursday Panel Discussion

Access Password: 1d.1vj^?

Tuesday Session

Access Password: 7W%^5p@9

Wednesday Session

Access Password: 7R.742a$

Thursday Session

Access Password: 6N+Gp=b&

Friday Session

Access Password: 8K.JI9UB

All Session Recordings will now be available until Monday July 20, 2020



CHAMPS: A Proactive & Positive Approach to Classroom Management (2nd Edition). If you haven’t yet received your copy, please contact us.


All resources mentioned and/or utilized can be downloaded using the web address and access codes found in the CHAMPS textbook (see first and last pages).  It may be helpful to download the reproducible forms prior to beginning the session.

In particular, please download and print Reproducible 5.1 (Classroom Management and Discipline Plan). We will use this form throughout our session.

Session Objectives (included but not limited to):

  1. Understand the STOIC framework and how it can be used as a problem-solving framework
  2. Feel prepared to plan and communicate classroom expectations to students in all situations
  3. Feel prepared to build and maintain positive relationships with students
  4. Understand how to align specific goals with motivation systems
  5. Understand the primary functions of misbehavior and how to utilize a variety of mild correction strategies

Please plan to attend daily. Each session will build on the previous day’s content. 

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Dr. Milliken began her career as an elementary teacher before transitioning into classroom management coaching at the district level for elementary, secondary, and alternative schools. Roles included professional learning development, delivery, and coaching for administrative, instructional, and noninstructional positions.