Session Resources: Coaching Classroom Management

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This session will meet on Tuesday through Friday starting at:

11:30 am ET • 10:30 am CT • 9:30 am MT • 8:30 am PT • 7:30 am Alaska • 5:30 am Hawaii

We’ll meet for 2.5 hours, then take a 30-minute break before the start of the Panel Discussions: 

  • Tuesday: Schoolwide 
  • Wednesday: Classroom
  • Thursday: Tiers 2/3

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While we all need to turn off our cameras occasionally, I do hope that you remain on camera for most of the session.  I believe you’ll find that it creates a more interactive experience for all of us! Participants will also be periodically invited to unmute themselves to facilitate discussion in both large and small groups. 

Using Zoom

While Zoom can function on a variety of devices, access to a computer (or laptop) is recommended to fully participate in the activities. During the meeting, we will use various Zoom features for engagement and interacting.

See Daily Objectives and Assignments below.

Daily Objectives and Assignments


  • Improve staff mindset in managing student behavior
  • Overcome organizational barriers to change


  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 10

Assignment for Session II

  • Create an MTSS Framework for staff to identify what your campus/district offers:
    • As support for all staff
    • For staff who are targeted for additional coaching support
    • For staff who are put on formal plans of improvement


  • Use the STOIC Framework to identify gaps in current management plans
  • Create and communicate a clear target for staff that builds consistency while allowing for autonomy


  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 1
  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 2


Assignments for Session III

  • Create a timeline for developing and communicating a three-part target for staff.
  • Construct a case study of an individual teacher who needed coaching support.
    • What challenges did this teacher face?
    • What data was collected and shared with this teacher?
    • What support was offered to this teacher?


  • Create a system of formative accountability for staff
  • Construct a protocol to move staff into targeted coaching support
  • Use data to helps teachers set goals and plan interventions


  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 3
  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 5


Assignments for Session IV

  • Read Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 9
  • Read Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 10 (pp. 248-254) on communication
  • Complete the Partnership Principles Reflection


  • Use data to set goals and plan interventions (cont.)
  • Engage in effective coaching conversations


  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 6
  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 9
  • Coaching Classroom Management, Chapter 10 (pp. 248-254)


  • Set a PEERS goal to improve coaching



Click here to view a recording of Monday’s keynote address by Randy Sprick.  Download the handout here.

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Welcome! I’m looking forward to our time together. Here are some notes to ensure you are prepared to get the most out of our session.

Prior to the session, please download this zip file, which contains reproducible forms we’ll be using during this session. 

We won’t be using handouts, so you should have the course textbook, Coaching Classroom Management, in hand.  If you haven’t yet received your copy, please contact us.

About Tricia

Tricia McKale Skyles began her career in education as a middle school teacher. After several years in the classroom, she served as an Instructional Coach, working extensively with the Strategic Instruction Model from the University of Kansas. In this role, Tricia provided on-site one-to-one professional development for teachers, coaching them in best teaching practices for instruction and behavior management, and continues as a partner consultant for Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching Group. A co-author of Coaching Classroom Management, she now provides professional development for a variety of Safe & Civil Schools resources.